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Commanding close to two decades of experience in the finance industry, Amet Nazifi serves as a Senior Compliance Officer within a prominent multinational banking firm’s State Regulatory Administration Division. Mr. Nazifi began working for the company’s U.S. subsidiary in 1989. In his various posts, Amet Nazifi has applied his core competencies in risk management, regulatory compliance, compliance process control, and other areas toward protecting the company’s brand and reputation.

During his years with his firm, Mr. Nazifi has developed expertise in maintaining strong client relationships, managing multimillion-dollar loan accounts, reducing operational risks with process controls, and implementing compliance controls for new business processes in response to regulatory changes. Amet Nazifi also worked as a Senior Foreclosure Adjustor, a role in which he oversaw a portfolio of $20 million in delinquent real estate loans and worked to cut the processing costs of those accounts through negotiations with attorneys and vendors.

In 1998, Amet Nazifi was promoted to Foreclosure Operations Manager and tasked with maximizing the collections on delinquent loans and reducing the losses produced by nonperforming assets in a $60 million mortgage portfolio. During his seven years in this position, he directly managed a team of 12 employees, oversaw regular audits of real estate and consumer loans, accelerated foreclosures by collaborating with attorneys, and represented his firm’s interests in many bankruptcy and foreclosure transactions.

In 2005, Amet Nazifi began working in the compliance sector after receiving a promotion to State Team Compliance Officer. In this role, Mr. Nazifi was responsible for ensuring that his company’s U.S. branch networks met all federal and state regulatory statutes in their loan origination and servicing operations.


Posted November 22, 2011 by ametnazifi

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